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Asian Health & Service Center

Portland Office
3430 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
T: 503-872-8822
F: 503-872-8825

Downtown Portland Office
1226 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205
T: 503-802-4401 x13

Beaverton Office
12500 SW Allen Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97008
T: 503-641-4113

The Asian Health and Service Center is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Asian and American cultures in effort to build a better community.
Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA)
11453 SE Hazel Hill Road Clackamas, OR 97086

T: 503-925-5226
F: 503-925-5226
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assn (CCBA)
315 NW Davis St Portland, OR 97209

T: 503-223-9070
Hong Kong Club of Oregon
PO Box 66758 Portland, OR 97290

To organize and participate in activities which promote the cultural exchange and commercial cooperation between the local Chinese community and the mainstream society.
Lee's Association Lion Dance Team
101 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR 97214

T: 503-253-2482

The purpose of the Lee’s Association Lion Dance Team is to train new generations of young men and women in the cultural folk art of traditional Chinese Lion Dance and to teach them the history and significance of the movements of the lion dance.
Northwest China Council
127 NW Third Ave. Portland, OR 97209

Cultural, business, and language instruction for those interested in China.
Portland Classical Chinese Garden
NW 3rd Ave and Everett St Portland, OR 97209

T: 503-228-8131
F: 503-228-7844

To inspire, engage, and educate our global community in the richness of Chinese culture through our cultural heritage destination, an authentic classical Ming Dynasty scholar’s garden built as a friendship project between the U.S. city of Portland, Oregon and the Chinese city of Suzhou.
Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association
PO Box 1025 Portland, OR 97207-1025

T: 503-789-5400
F: 503-626-5684

The Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association is dedicated to mutual friendship and understanding between the people of Portland and Suzhou and the regions they serve. The organization sponsors, encourages, and facilitates cultural, economic, educational, and other exchanges and programs of goodwill.