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關 於 波 特 蘭 新 聞

波特蘭新聞 (1997年至今) 出版中文報章

  • 內容廣泛,充分滿足本地區廣大華人讀者的要求。
  • 促進華人參與美國的政治、文化及商業活動。
  • 及時提供本地區、美國及世界各地的新聞訊息。
  • 超過六十個免費發報點,遍及本區華人聚居地區。

Portland Chinese Times – (since 1997) a Local Chinese Language Newspapers

l   to widen and strengthen the communication bridge between mainstream, Asian and Chinese communities;

l   to provide its advertisers for an efficient and cost-effective medium for reaching prospective customers.

l   To form a non-profit organization as Portland Art & Cultural Center to Promote Chinese Cultural
Maintain a Quality media for our readers and advertisers.

l   to develop business relationships with China/US government officials and business corporations to enhance the business and culture exchange and economic growth.


The Portland Chinese Times is the first local Chinese Newspapers since 1997 and the most popular local newspaper in Chinese language. Portland Chinese Times is distributed for free or home delivered by subscription every Friday, reaching throughout the Oregon and SW Washington through distribution outlets, major business areas, restaurants, Asian supermarkets, community centers, library, school and institutes, community businesses, sidewalk newsstands and subscriptions.

We provide our readers a comprehensive source of local, regional and international news. We emphasize participation in American politics, culture and business to empower our readers.




Content – Focused China or Asian Issue

  • Portland Chinese Times has its own editorial staff and provides in-depth print and photo coverage of local news and events featuring Chinese and Asian communities, as well as general information for citywide readers.
  • Covering China, Taiwan, American, international
  • lifestyle, business articles on China trade, etc.

Why advertiser us?

  • The Portland Chinese Times is the community’s premiere source for local and international news and information.
  • We distribute throughout the Pacific Northwest through distribution outlets, community businesses, organizations, restaurants, oriental markets, public agencies, curbside newsstands and subscriptions in Portland.
  • We feature sleek design, in-depth coverage of local and international issues, events, and popular columns
  • low rates and affordable advertising rates.
    Create or work with your design team to produce artwork materials to best communicate to your target audience
    Quality newspaper production for our advertisers

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