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Portland Chinese Yellow Pages
波 特 蘭 華 人 黃 頁 電 話 簿

由波 特 蘭新聞出版之波 特 蘭 華 人 黃 頁 電 話 簿於1997年初刊至今,是唯一一本刊登波特蘭華人商號電話及地址電話簿。一直以來是大波特蘭地區唯一一本中文黃頁電話簿,內容除了商號電話外,還有一些日常重要的資訊刊載其中,並每年更新,多年來已成為每戶華人家中必備的資訊讀本;同時,亦為商家們傳遞商訊,開拓業務。波特蘭中文黃頁每年更新內容, 在俄勒岡州全州及西南華盛頓州地區免費派發。如有任何查詢關於波特蘭中文黃頁電話簿,請聯絡我們
   Portland Chinese Yellow Pages published by Portland Chinese Times was first published in 1997 by the Portland Chinese Times, it the only Chinese Yellow Page circulated around the Greater Portland area, which includes SW Washington. Since the beginning, the Portland Chinese Yellow Page has already become a hot print media because of its up-to-date business listings and other useful contents. It serves as one of the valuable resource for the community and the best access to the continuously growing Asian market in the Metropolitan area. This publication has been providing many outstanding opportunities for businesses like yours to gain access to thousands of Asian households in the greater Portland area. The Portland Chinese Yellow Page is a free publication distributed in all over Oregon as well as SW Washington area. Please contact us.

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