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Classified Ads

Place your Classified ads with Portland Chinese Times and get the best result! Employment, selling business, rental, for sales, repair, etc


  • One week $20
  • Two weeks $35
  • Three weeks $48
  • Four weeks $60

* Limited to 4 – 6 words for title, 30 – 40 words for content.
* All ads should be placed consecutively, if stop in the middle, no refund and no transfer.
* No change of wordings are allowed, if needed additional charge of $5.
* Additional $15 for translation.
* Additional $20 for adding photo or logo.
* All fees should be prepaid.

Please submit your ad by 2pm every Wednesday:
Call: 503-771-9560
Fax: 503-788-8900

We accept Visa or Master Credit Card.
If you have any inquires or questions about classfield advertisement, please contact us.

* Client will be responsible for all the content of the ad, and we reserve the right to publish the ad.

分 類 廣 告

內容:租屋、 餐館買賣、 生意出讓、 找工作、 聘員工、 尋褓姆、 找商機、 照顧老人、 裝修、 修理等。


  • 單次一週 $20
  • 連刊兩週 $35
  • 連刊三週 $48
  • 連刊四週 $60

* 刊登內容: 大字4-6個,小字30-40個。
* 連刊廣告, 如中途停刊者, 恕不退費。不能轉讓。
* 不得更改內容,若需改稿每次收費5元。
* 如需翻譯英文來稿,收費15元。
* 加圖片、 Logo 或反白,加收20元做稿費。
* 所有分類小廣告必需在刊出前預繳全期廣告費。

撥電至: 503-771-9560
傳真至: 503-788-8900


* 廣告內容由刊登人全部負責,本報擁有刊登決定權